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Longsong is one of the preferred design agencies across 12+ nations owing to our quick TAT records, quality-standards, and great experience. We have been working over bulk design production requirements as well as creative design requirements . These include – Component,Packing material,connect cable,housing,PCB, etc. Our team of designers are well-versed with the pro design tools and we offer flexible post-production support. We offer a fine-tuned creative aspect to your design requirements along with adhering to your branding guidelines.

Longsong is a leader in designing innovative aftermarket services and solutions that deliver value to enable our customers to achieve their financial and sustainability objectives, serving a wide range of electronic product markets.


Our goal is to support computer and other hardware OEM’s, cable, satellite and mobile device operators, retailers, insurers and other enterprises in realizing their design ability and product supply chain objectives while supporting their sustainability targets. We do this by closely partnering with our customers to optimize the value of their assets with the goal of 100% reuse of all electronic materials such as Foam,Rubber,cable,lable,protective film etc.

We has the R & D and mass production capacity of high-performance  cables, rubber foam, protective film, which is highly praised by our customers.


Longsong adheres to the tenet of "struggle oriented, product quality and service first", and the business philosophy of careful design, scientific management and strict production according to customer needs. With many years of production, market operation and product experience, we focus on the R & D of electronic materials. 

Our people are our core strength in delivering a stress-free and superior quality working experience to our partners’. Whether you want us to develop a design from scratch or adapt your design and produce the rest of the pages based on it, we have the team strength and the right talent to get your work done seamlessly.



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